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 This document is from Jumaud 4 edition Book (The first edition was published in 1930)


Dr Phillip JUMAUD

President of the Cat Club France



Birman Cat of Burma


ORIGIN: - This breed originated in the Far East. Birman cats bred in the temples are heavily guarded and their sale is prohibited. However a few years ago, a pair were imported by *Mme Thadde Hadish (founders for the family de Madalpour); this couple were probably stolen by a servant of the temple, dazzled by promises and he would have fled for fear of punishment, because who knows the Fanaticism of the Hindus. No one would ever believe that the priests have sold a couple of their sacred animals even for a fabulous price.


In 1898 Major Sir Russel Gordon part of the British troops in charge of protecting the Kittahs, had the opportunity to observe these sacred animals. He drew up a standard that corroborates what I established in my doctorate theses in 1925.


MANNERS: - These cats are very sociable, intelligent, friendly and caressing. Like a dog they obey the commands of their master. These cats like to play and play quietly. Without the presence of their masters, they are distant, distant and nostalgic. Animals that are calm who do not have the vivacity and ardour of the Siamese. They seem conscious of their sacred origin. More..............................