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Introduction to the collection

Note there is some repetition in the Jumaud documents' but please read them as you will see he changes the name of the person who obtained the Birmans.

Having been given permission to publish an English Edition of the book the Secrets of the Sacred Cat of Burma I was always intrigued by the list of publications containing Birman Information. I wondered how many were still available and so began the quest try to obtain those I could. The internet these days is a valuable tool for researching all manner of things and so the quest began.

I did research for the Theses written by Jumaud in 1925 and found two copies one held at Harvard University and the other in the University of Utrecht. Surely there would not be one available elsewhere but with luck I found one in an antiquarian book shop in France. It was in uncut condition so unfortunately to be able to read the content I had to cut open the pages to produce the booklet.

My thirst grew and I began searching for La Vie A La Campagne 1927 again I struck lucky.

I typed in more searches and came across more books and magazines. Finding Son Altesse le Chat was a real problem because I only had a date and year to go by. It took the  purchase of four volumes (48 bound copies of the magazine) of La Campagne before I was able to track this copy down. However all the volumes are really interesting if anyone is interested in life in the 1920's  French interior design, farming methods, cooking, Chateau interiors,  Dog and Cat breeds and a lot more besides.

Other books were tracked down eventually from different sources including EBay. Almost everything was written in French and so began the long process of translation. To ensure they were correct I had them done again professionally by a French linguist. 

The copies of the Missions of Auguste Pavie have come from Thailand . The 5 volumes for Gazateers for Upper Burma 1900 were found on line. as was the India Office List.

I do have later books about Birmans but these don't reveal any new information and so I think we have here  the most precise information there is to be gained.

There are still copies of THE SECRETS OF THE SACRED CAT OF BURMA book  available from